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A new innovative era in anti-aging process

EVENSWISS® represents the state of the art of anti-ageing products in the international panorama. EVENSWISS® is made with a modern and internationally patented technology DERMATOPOIETIN®, the first revolutionary combination of peptides that activates a cascade endogenous signal that increases collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid up to 90% in a few days.

After 30 years of research a worldwide unique formula has been developed: EVENSWISS® with DERMATOPOIETIN®. The products of EVENSWISS® are combining innovative concepts of peptide biochemistry, dermatological science and skincare intelligence.

EVENSWISS® products are 100% developed, produced, made in Switzerland and provide high-quality cosmetic solutions for any type of skin and scalp. In line with their sophisticated formula and efficacy profiles EVENSWISS® products are available in an increasing number of countries through multi-channel solutions.

The key to a youthful appearance

The key ingredient for the revolutionary anti-aging technology in all EVENSWISS® products, is a multi-peptide solution named DERMATOPOIETIN® Plus, a combination of the equivalent Interleukin-1a (IL-1a) and Hexapeptide-18.

IL-1a is the natural cytokine (protein) that regulates skin renewal. It acts as a biochemical messenger between skin cells and activates the maintenance process of skin, restores the skin barrier function, and regulates the skin cycle.

With advancing age, the production of IL1a declines, which leads to disturbed skin and scalp hair renewal and many of the typical signs of ageing skin. EVENSWISS® with DERMATOPOIETIN® helps to provide the skin with the optimum level of IL1a and thereby restores the skin renewal process. It reactivates the production of collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid which gives the skin its strength and elasticity. It furthermore triggers the release of several growth and differentiation factors which are essential for healthy and youthful skin and hair.


EVENSWISS® skin care products are optimised for a pleasant feel and excellent efficacy. They absorb well into skin and leave a soft and silky touch.

In addition, the brand philosophy includes the usage of plant and flower extracts, as well as plant-DNA extract to promote the natural regenerative process of skin to restore its youthful texture and appearance. The DERMATOPOIETIN® technology is protected by several international patents and trademarks.

For more detailed information about the scientific mechanism of action and efficacy studies with DERMATOPOIETIN® see the respective studies and information on this website.

Ribbon model of IL1a.
Human IL1a is a protein of 159 amino acids with a molecular weight of 18kD