EVENSWISS is always looking for new partners to expand its territories and channel of sales. 

EVENSWISS is an omnichannel brand sold in different sectors and different countries:

  • Web-platforms
  • E-commerce sites 
  • Professional and Specialised shops
  • Clinics and Dermatologist
  • Retailers and Department Stores 

Key benefits to work with EVENSWISS?

  • 100% made in Switzerland 
  • High-Tech products with natural ingredients from plants and flowers
  • 80% to 90% of natural ingredients
  • Uniqueness patented products
  • More than 30 years in research and development of Patents applied to Beauty and Pharma 
  • 20 and more international patents of the Group 
  • Affordable and easy handling Retail Price to access all channels of sales (30.00 CHF to 65.00 CHF)

How does EVENSWISS collaborate with Distributors?

  • Complete and continuous connection with central office 
  • Continuous training and access to information 
  • Full access to our Marketing Database and Scientific Information
  • Access to our company system, connecting directly through modern online system in the CLOUD
  • On-Demand support by our R&D Department and Technical Managers 

  • Innovation and technology applied to beauty and health
  • Best formulations with high number of natural ingredients
  • 100% Swiss made
  • ECO friendly formulations
  • Sustainable solution with high products rating
  • Worldwide promoting SWISS quality products performance
  • Consumer friendly and affordable price


EVENSWISS® is a brand owned by a group of companies in Zurich in the field of health services, beauty industry and innovation in health.

EVENSWISS® is owned by United Technologies UT AG, a Swiss company with more than 20 international patents thanks to Doctors and Scientists research and development. 

EVENSWISS® is managed and developed by United Cosmeceuticals GmbH, a Swiss company with a central office in the city of Horgen, just 10 minuts from the famous Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich. United Cosmeceuticals GmbH is the operational and managing company for the brand EVENSWISS®. United Cosmeceuticals GmbH operates nationally and internationally. 

Clinical Studies

DERMATOPOIETIN® a principle of EVENSWISS® signalling

Dermatopoietin® (DP) is a core component of EVENSWISS® cosmetics. It does not penetrate the skin. Instead of this, Dermatopoietin sends a signal from a skin's surface to the skin depth and begins production of collagen and elastin in the dermis.

Study 1: The release of IL1a

DERMATOPOIETIN® stimulates human Keratinocytes to express and release interleukin-1 alpha.​

Study 2: Stimulation of collagen

Two-photon fluorescence microscopy study on the effect of Dermatopoietin® on the collagen and elastin content of human volunteer forearm skin.

Study 3: Anti-aging

Dermatological efficacy study on aging skin.

Study 4: Anti-cellulite

Dermatological efficacy study on cellulite skin.

Study 5: Hair shedding

Dermatological study on hair loss.

Study 6: EVENSWISS® Eye Complex

Dermatological study on crow's feet wrinkles and dark under-eye circles.

Our organization


Switzerland - Zurich (Horgen)

Production and Labs


  • Canton Zurich
  • Canton Neuchatel
  • Canton Schaffhausen
  • Canton Sankt Gallen

Swiss stock

Switzerland - Schlieren (Zurich)

Warehouse and Shipping

  • Switzerland - Novazzano
  • Italy - Como

Would you like to know more?

Write us directly at info@unicos.ch and lets find the best solution to enter you market and promoting the revolutionary EVENSWISS® with DERMATOPOIETIN®.

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