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Article: What is hyaluronic acid used for?

What is hyaluronic acid used for?

What is hyaluronic acid used for?

Hyaluronic Acid - Essential for the firmness and elasticity of connective tissue

Hyaluronic acid has long been known as an effective beauty substance. In the meantime, due to its innumerable advantages, it has even overtaken anti-wrinkle classics such as collagen. It is a gel-like, transparent liquid that forms an essential component of the human connective tissue. As a natural multiple sugar, or more precisely glycosaminoglycan, hyaluron is joined together by the body's own enzymes from individual building blocks to form a complex structure. Due to its spatial structure, it has the ability to bind large amounts of water and thus contribute to the stability and friction-free function of the joints. In the skin, hyaluron provides the natural firmness and elasticity of the human connective tissue. Tissue containing hyaluronic acid is therefore very resistant to pressure.

Hyaluronic acid - miracle weapon against wrinkles and moisture loss

If with age there is a noticeable decrease in the natural hyaluronic acid content in the skin and joints, the result is a loss of the filling material that lies between the skin cells. The skin shrinks and loses volume. Wrinkles, a loss of elasticity and elasticity as well as dryness of the skin are the result. Cracking joints indicate that the hyaluron slowly disappears from the synovial fluid. However, the loss can be artificially replaced by certain preparations - a fact that has also been discovered by the beauty industry. Hyaluron has long been used as a miracle weapon against wrinkles and dehydrated skin. Due to its effective effect, even minimal dosages of about 0.1 percent are sufficient to achieve an immediate smoothing effect. Other active ingredients do not supply the skin with hyaluron, but rather stimulate the skin's own hyaluron production for a wrinkle-filling effect.

Transparent, water-binding and skin-friendly

Hyaluronic acid has the ability to bind up to six litres of water per gram net weight. That it is so interesting in cosmetics is therefore not surprising. In combination with water, hyaluron forms an elastic gel that leaves a transparent, water-binding film on the skin. This film prevents moisture from evaporating from the skin and increases the general skin moisture - especially beneficial for people with dry or irritated skin. Hyaluron also combines with the keratin contained in the skin, so that when the water evaporates a slight tension is created on the skin surface. The result: small wrinkles become less noticeable and the skin appears generally tightened. Because hyaluron occurs naturally in the body, it is also optimally tolerated by the skin as an additive to skin care products.

Smooth, firm and firm skin without side effects

If the skin is regularly supplied with hyaluron for a longer period of time, it becomes smoother, healthier and firmer. Mimic and dryness wrinkles are reduced and skin elasticity increased. It is therefore not surprising that the beauty substance is treated as the beauty secret of many celebrities. Hyaluron quickly fills the gaps between the collagen fibres. The result: a firm, smooth skin with healthy freshness that is optimally supplied with moisture. Depending on which type of hyaluron is used for care, it can also cushion the skin from the inside out. Side effects are largely unknown because hyaluron occurs naturally in the human body.

Hyaluron and the importance of the skin barrier

If you don't want to accept the signs of the times, you should supply your skin with hyaluron. Because in the skin it functions like a moisture reservoir, which provides for more elasticity and resilience. But watch out: Although many of the hyaluronic acid products, including serums, fillers and creams, help very well in the short term, studies have shown that the beauty substance can only unfold its full effect in combination with active ingredients that effectively strengthen the skin barrier. If the skin barrier is weakened, the positive effect is immediately reduced as soon as the application is stopped. For a long-term supply of moisture to the skin, it is therefore crucial to strengthen the barrier layer, because only it can prevent excessive moisture loss. In addition, the correct molecule size is crucial. For an optimal anti-wrinkle effect, hyaluron can and should therefore not only be of high quality, but also be combined with other beauty substances. The best hyaluronic acid product is ineffective if the skin barrier is weakened.

EVENSWISS - Innovative and effective

For a long-term anti-aging effect of the hyaluronic acid products used, active ingredients that strengthen the skin barrier from the inside out should be included - a basic requirement that EVENSWISS products meet without restrictions: Because our serums, mask, creams, concentrated serums and cleansing products are all enriched with skin-tightening active ingredients that make the skin naturally beautiful by strengthening the skin barrier and supporting skin renewal. Ceramides, for example, which make up the majority of the lipids in the upper layer of the skin, make the skin strong and provide it with moisture. All our products take a revolutionary approach to skin care by creating a biological signal chain on the skin surface that penetrates deep into the skin and accelerates its regeneration. We are dedicated day after day, month after month, year after year to helping your skin achieve its best possible appearance by doing everything we can to develop innovative and effective products based on a deep understanding of the bio-mechanisms of skin renewal and hair growth.

For a smooth, fresh and healthy complexion

EVENSWISS is convinced that every person deserves a smooth, fresh and healthy complexion. With this goal in mind, our pioneering Signalling Cosmetics take a revolutionary approach to skin care by creating a biological signal chain on the skin surface that penetrates deep into the skin and triggers its renewal. Based on the findings of 30 years of research work, we were able to launch a formula on the market that is unique all over the world: EVENSWISS with the patented Dermatopoietin® technology. EVENSWISS comes from Switzerland, is thus both there developed and produced, and guarantees so highest product quality. All our cosmetic solutions are known to contain high concentrations of particularly effective active ingredients.

Increases the hyaluronic absorption of the skin

The effect of EVENSWISS is based on the skin's own protein Interleukin-1-Alpha, which acts as a messenger between the skin cells. It sets the repair processes of the skin in motion, regulates the hair growth cycle and regulates the skin's own barrier function. Healthy and youthful skin continuously produces interleukin-1-alpha, but production decreases with age, leading to the known signs of skin aging. EVENSWISS helps to restore optimal interleukin-1-alpha levels. As the active ingredient strengthens the skin, its ability to absorb nourishing active ingredients such as hyaluronic acid is also increased. Important growth factors such as elastin and collagen support the skin's natural regenerative processes, while hyaluron moisturizes the skin and reduces wrinkles.

Pleasant skin feeling and outstanding effectiveness

EVENSWISS is driven by the passion to develop innovative and pioneering cosmetics based on a deep understanding of the physiological mechanisms of skin renewal. The products are all aimed at achieving a pleasant skin feel and optimal effectiveness. They penetrate well into the skin, leaving it velvety and supple. The blend and concentration of the active ingredients help to accelerate the skin's natural renewal process and rejuvenate the complexion. Hyaluron in particular is contained in a large proportion of EVENSWISS products, as it is regarded as the key to smooth, firm and healthy skin. This is why we have developed our Products with Dermatopoietin® and Concentrated Serums, both of which contain cosmetic solutions with hyaluronic acid.

Products with Dermatopoietin® and Concentrated Serums from EVENSWISS

From the Concentrated Serums, the Skin Regenerate Serum from EVENSWISS, is a revolutionary anti-aging booster with a powerful, patented, skin-rejuvenating peptide complex, increases the firmness and elasticity of the skin. The booster, which activates the dermal synthesis of elastin, collagen and hyaluronic acid, supports the natural renewal process and the skin's ability to regenerate itself from the inside out. In the Products with Dermatopoietin®, a variety of different products containing hyaluron ensure that the skin cells can absorb and store more moisture. The Sublime Revealing Mask from EVENSWISS is based on a high-quality formula that contains the unique Dermatopoietin® Peptide Complex and Tripeptide 5 to increase collagen production and support the skin's natural regeneration process. Enriched with Hyaluron and Betaglucan, the mask helps your skin improve firmness, elasticity and moisture. The highly concentrated hyaluronic acid, with which the Sublime Revealing Mask from EVENSWISS is enriched, smoothes and rejuvenates the skin and refines the pores. The skin structure is improved and the supply of moisture increased. By supporting the skin's barrier function and maintaining its moisture content, the mask protects against harmful environmental influences and reduces skin irritations. The EVENSWISS Moisturizing Cleansing Foam is based on a gentle formula with moisturizing ingredients such as sweet almond oil and hyaluron, which normalize the water content of the epidermis. This improves the skin's elasticity and suppleness and prevents premature aging. High-quality fatty acids with regenerating, moisturising and restructuring properties intensively care for the skin and strengthen its skin barrier function.

Regenerating, moisturizing and restructuring

Finally, I would like to make a note: Hyaluronic acid is at the top of the list of beauty substances because it provides moisture like hardly any other active ingredient. Hardly any anti-wrinkle cream nowadays wants to do without hyaluron. And with good reason: Hyaluron has similar water-binding properties to a sponge. If cosmetics succeed in introducing hyaluron into the skin, the skin cells can absorb and store more moisture again. The skin is smoothed, padded and cared for from the inside out. Once the moisture depots have been refilled, the skin feels smoother, less dry and fresher. Itching is alleviated and wrinkles reduced. EVENSWISS also relies on the positive properties of hyaluron: as the key to smooth, firm and healthy skin, the effective beauty substance is contained both in the innovative Products with Dermatopoietin® and in the pioneering Concentrated Serums from EVENSWISS.

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